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Welcome to our online course ‘Makeup Artistry Essentials’

Is the Makeup Artistry Essentials the course for you?

Is your goal working with clients, for cosmetic companies or bridal work? If so this would be your starting point. If you want to carry on to create your own business, the next step would be our new course BUSINESS BEHIND THE BEAUTY which will walk you through everything you needed to market yourself and run a professional efficient makeup business.

Makeup Artistry Essentials takes you through the basics of makeup artistry from the ground up, no experience is necessary. You will cover all the basic essentials of makeup artistry and work your way up to cover dramatic evening makeup looks, bridal and cosmetic retailing, giving you the tools needed to get started in the industry as a professional makeup artist!

Our ‘Makeup Artistry Essentials’ course gives you a taste of what being a professional makeup artist is all about in an easy to follow, step by step format.


What You Learn

Our Makeup Artistry Essentials is split into six easy to follow modules. You start with Module #1 and work your way through to the end of Module #6 at your own pace, as you are ready. Our brand new platform walks you though the course content step by step. Whether its material to read, assignments to upload, worksheets to download or a video to watch, it’s all right there in one place. You’re going to thank yourself you decide to finally chase your dreams!


The Prep

What are the key elements to makeup artistry? The prep is key to everything! Our first module walks you though the foundations of being a successful makeup artist. These steps are the basis to any look or job you take on.


The Basics

We jump into the essentials all makeup artists should know. We take the guess work out of each technique and show you how to create a flawless application every time. Your base is, hands down the major player. It’s not just about the application, it’s also about the products you choose and why you choose them. Why do successful makeup artists nail it color wise every time? How do you enhance features with color, how do you hide discoloration and extreme darkness? We’ll show you how and let you into the secrets every makeup artist wishes they knew!


Corrective Techniques

How do you create perfect features? How do you sculpt and enhance every client you touch? How do celebrities always look so perfectly put together? Is is real or just an illusion? We’ll show you how easy it can really be. Take the best and enhance, don’t love it, make it disappear. It’s amazing what a brush or two, the correct product and placement can achieve!


Eye Techniques 1 & 2

How many different, fabulous eye creations have you seen on Instagram or Youtube? Did you know they all stem from a few simple techniques? If you know these basics and nail them, you too can create anything your heart desires! Technique and the correct products are going to change your life.


Bridal & Retail Consulting

Where do you want to go with your makeup career? Is creating a bridal business on your radar? Or how about becoming a national makeup artist for a major makeup brand? Different skin tones or ethnic backgrounds will cross your path in either genre. There are adjustments to be made, we’ll show you how. It’s not quite as simple as a good application, there’s a lot more to it! You’re in good hands, we’ll share the secrets you need to know. With all these basics under your belt, you’ll be able to tackle Bridal or Retail with confidence,


It’s a Wrap!

We’ll talk about some necessary marketing tools and recap on all we have covered! What are the basic marketing tools you need? How do you tackle the industry in this day and age? The course will wrap with a final quiz and practical exam. By the end of Master Makeup Essentials, you will have a well rounded grasp of all of the essentials a successful makeup artist needs!

AW03 Maquillage Discount

All students will receive their exclusive student discount code for 15% off all AW03 products. Use to replenish and add to your makeup kit. Your online code will be disclosed as you complete the final module.

We look forward to taking this exiting journey with you!



Get started today on your path to becoming a professional makeup artist.